Introduction to the TOEFL iBT
June 26, 2015

This is just a quick review of the course ‘Introduction to the TOEFL’ by I think the instructor is called Chris Lele; if I’m wrong and someone from Magoosh reads this, leave a comment below. As an ex-ELT, I … Continue reading

Develop Speed Reading for Lifelong Learning
June 17, 2015

Comprehension is our understanding, understanding comes from materials we read, and we achieve understanding by grasping meaning, knowledge, commands, conceptions, and using our own intelligence. How much better would this be if we could do it faster? Time to Develop Speed Reading for … Continue reading

Crash Course on Cost Accounting
June 10, 2015

Before we start the review, I think I should make a few things clear. First of all, I am reviewing this course because I love the fact that it is different from the usual Udemy courses I review. Secondly, remember … Continue reading