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Links for the Courses Promoted


Dear Readers,

I am in the process of changing all links to another service. I am hoping to get specific links but at the moment they are a bit generic. Please be patient and when you read a specific review, if you liked it and you thought it was useful, click any of the links, and then search for the course manually. I know this is a bit of a pain but I hope that when you read my reviews, you feel I have done enough for you to make the extra effort.

I’m looking to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Thanks again for your understanding and patience in this matter.

Giles Ensor
E-Systems Learning

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Introduction to the TOEFL iBT


This is just a quick review of the course ‘Introduction to the TOEFL’ by I think the instructor is called Chris Lele; if I’m wrong and someone from Magoosh reads this, leave a comment below. As an ex-ELT, I thought it would be interesting to do this course just to see what it is all about. At the time of writing, this was a free course and I suspect will always be free. I got an email the other day from Magoosh stating that all their courses on Udemy will indeed be free forever. Nice!

If you would like to take another free TOEFL course, my own course on writing techniques for the TOEFL can be found here.

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10 Modern Marketing Mistakes in 2015

10 Modern Marketing Mistakes

James Burchill is an Udemy instructor who is articulate, seems to know what he’s talking about, and fairly prolific with nine courses or so. James was probably one of the first instructors that made me think that Udemy was not a platform for people who were just remarketing PLR content and claiming it as their own. So, what are the 10 Modern Marketing Mistakes in 2015 and are we making them?

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Ways To Make Money Online – $9000 Monthly Doing This!

Making money online

Brandon starts off with a nice short introduction, giving us an overview of the course and talks about how he wants to help us succeed, that he’s available to answer any questions, and all that sort of stuff. I have to say, he sounds so relaxed I keep worrying he’s going to fall asleep. My thoughts constantly wander off to a Cheech and Chong movie (link here for younger readers; do NOT click if easily offended).
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Effective Speed Reading Strategies in 8 Steps

Speed reading

This has got to have the best introduction video of any course on Udemy. It starts with two robots, one of which seems to be a sexy female crash test dummy. Anyway, these two robots introduce the course, explaining what will be in it. Hang on, there seems to be another robot on some sort of gurney-type thing. Oh, it didn’t do anything. Oh well, let’s continue. This is Alex Garcez ‘s speed reading course that is the basis for his work with: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney, and many other major companies. But is Effective Speed Reading Strategies any good? Let’s find out.
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