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In the last few years, there has been an explosion of online learning. It started with the Massive Online Learning Courses (MOOCs) when universities such as Stanford, Berkley, and MIT started posting courses online for free.

The Internet being the Internet, many people saw the potential for offering paid courses online, so sites like Udemy, Skillfeed, and Learn Social started appearing. And, of course, the potential is massive.

Udemy, which is one of the sites that hosts my courses has grown massively. To quote some unofficial statistics, Udemy had about 3 million registered users towards the end of  2014. In the first 3 months of 2015, that number almost doubled to 5 million users. Then around March, 2015, another 1 million users registered, making 6 million registered users. These are staggering statistics and, of course, Udemy is only one of a number of sites offering courses.

Each particular site offers something slightly different for the learner. Udemy gives students lifetime access to courses with instructor support. Instructors constantly update courses so if you buy a course, you’ll get lots of extra material over the years. Skillfeed, however, charges students a monthly subscription and can watch any course they like. However, there is little interaction between students and teachers

What I intend to do is to tell you about the different courses on all the MOOC websites so that you can judge what you think is the best.


Inside each post you will find links. If you click on these links, I may earn some money. This does not mean that you will pay more for a course. In fact, because I can offer you the best promo deals available, I may well be saving you money.

Additionally, many sites offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so, with those odds, what do you have to lose?